This extremely indecisive power team is a great gamble for your future. Known as the most stable couple amongst unstable friends, they know the region well, having livied in condos, cabins, and ranches in town, Mountain Village, and on the mesas. Their inability to pick a long term future is only matched by their unwillingness to handle life traditionally. A nice day might find them on local trails or rivers, driving to Montrose, or sitting around redesigning a house they aren't even sure they want to buy. If procrastination was energy, they could power the world. If a gear collection was a status symbol, they would be flying away on their Gulfstream, off to the ever greener pastures. They get yo-yo'ed between their two boys, a yin and yang power struggle of sorts, between wanting to do everything possible all the time, and putting off sleep because moving to a bed would be a bit too much effort. You should trust this couple with your real estate transactions, because if they could get this far in life, you know they can pull off miracles!